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The Best Care Possible

Emergency Services

As caring owners, you want the very best for your pet. Whether your dog has broken a toe nail or is experiencing a true critical emergency, we have the trained medical staff ready to care for your four legged family member.

Surgical Intervention

In some cases noninvasive treatment may not be enough to solve the problem. We have experienced staff to monitor anesthesia and recovery. Our doctors are experienced in various emergency surgeries such as bloats (GDV), foreign body removal, C-sections, and mass removals. We know that this is a very serious option and will keep you updated and involved the whole way through.

Hospitalization Services

At Flathead Pet Emergency, we are fully committed to your pet’s care.  We have the experienced staff and equipment necessary to keep your pet comfortable during their recovery.  We partner with local veterinarians to provide critical overnight and weekend monitoring when they close for the day.

Veterinary Diagnostic Labs

Our onsite state of the art laboratory, ultrasound and digital radiography can give us the immediate results our doctors  need to make the care decisions required to ensure your pet gets the very best care.

End of Life Management

Saying goodbye is never easy.  We offer compassionate euthanasia and cremation services.  You have the option of receiving your pets ashes in a tasteful dark walnut urn engraved with your pets name along with a clay pawprint.

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